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The Territory of Guam (Guahan), also known as the Guam, USA, is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean and is an unincorporated territory of the United States. The capital is Hagta, formerly Agana (pronounced Agaa).

The Territory of Guam
coat of arms
(In Detail) (In Detail)
National motto: ?
Official languagesEnglish, Chamorro, Japanese
Chief of stateGeorge W. Bush
GovernorFelix Perez Camacho
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 202nd
549 km
 - Total (2003)
 - Density
Ranked N/A
163,941 (July 2003 est.)
Independence none (territory of the USA)
CurrencyUS dollar (USD)
Time zoneUTC+10 (no DST)
National anthem?
Internet TLD.gu
Calling Code1-671

Guam is served by Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport.

See: List of Guam Governors

From the CIA World Factbook 2000:

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