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Grindcore is an extreme form of heavy metal related to death metal, but historically formed by combining elements of early thrash metal (which predated the advent of death metal) and the music and attitude of hardcore punk.

Table of contents
1 Historical Roots and Influences
2 Subgenres
3 Some notable Grindcore bands:

Historical Roots and Influences

The genre was pioneered during the early 1980s in the U.S by proto-grindcore and hardcore punk bands such as Siege, DRI, and Repulsion; and in the United Kingdom by bands such as Sore Throat.

Many of these early bands were, and still are, obscure. For instance, the hardcore punk band Siege only released a DIY demo entiled Drop Dead, and Repulsion was posthumously exposed to the world in 1989 through the album Horrified which was released in Europe by Necrosis Records, a label owned by members of Carcass.

Many consider the first true grindcore band was the British band Napalm Death. The genre was given its name by Napalm Death's drummer Mick Harris. Since then, the grind sound has evolved but is still recognisable by its intense blast-beat drumming, grinding guitars (hence the name), and very short songs (the Napalm Death song "You Suffer" is listed as the shortest song ever by the Guinness Book of Records, clocking in at 0.75 seconds; however, others such as the Cripple Bastards on their demo 94 Flashback di Massacro, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed on their 3" cd/10" lp Altered States of America have taken this aesthetic to even greater extremes).


Grindcore has proven somewhat difficult to categorize. Some fans and musicians have a firm concept of genre and subgenre, but others reject such categorization as limiting or useless. There is often significant crossover from one category to another, and often the influence of non-metal music is present.

Some notable Grindcore bands:

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