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Graham Norton
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Graham Norton

Graham Norton (born April 4, 1963) is a celebrity personality best known for his evening chat shows in Europe.

He was born in Dublin, Ireland.

The openly gay host of such shows as So Graham Norton, V. Graham Norton and The Graham Norton Effect, shows are devoted to interviews of celebrities. Raunchy conversations ensue. He generally precedes the interviews by asking questions of his audience members. (Example: "Everyone stand up. Now sit down if you've never had a sexual experience with an animal.")

He often phones authors of eccentric websites live on the show; on several occasions fans of his guest. However, the addresses of the sites are no longer given out, as when they were some of the owners received hate mail and abuse, obviously something to avoid.

In 2003, he caused a national outcry among the more sensitive area of the media when, on his Channel 4 show, he made a comedic reference to the recent death of Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb. The ITC investigated after complaints about this insensitivity were forwarded to them, and eventually Channel 4 had to make two apologies: one in the form of a caption slide before the show, another from Graham Norton in person.

In the summer of 2004, Graham Norton moved across the Atlantic to start a new venture in American television. The Graham Norton Effect debuted June 24th, 2004 on Comedy Central. In the midst of controversy surrounding Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance, Graham was wary of moving into the market. Yet, The Graham Norton Effect has gotten away with the same naughty, suggestive jokes that made his UK counterpart so popular.

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