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Gozo Island
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Gozo Island

Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, second in size to Malta Island. In Maltese the island is called Għawdex (pronounced ow-desh).


Gozo is 67 square kilometres in size, which is approximately the same as Hong Kong Island. The island has a population of 30.000, about 6.000 of them living in its capital Rabat (also known as Victoria).

It lies approx. 6 km northwest from the nearest point of Malta, is of oval form, 14 km in length and 7.25 km in extreme breadth.


Gozo is inhabitated since the 5th millennium BC, as evinced by the structures at Ggantija. The first neolithic settlers probably crossed over from Sicily.

In July 1551 Ottomans conquered Gozo and enslaved all 5.000 inhabitants, bringing them to Tarhuna in Libya.

The history of Gozo is strongly coupled with the history of Malta, since Gozo has been governed by Malta within living memory, with the exception of a short period of autonomy between October 28, 1798 and September 5, 1800.

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