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Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane
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Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane

Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane
The Goodwill Bridge is the fourth crossing of the Brisbane River, in Australia. It crosses the South Brisbane Reach of the river, linking Gardens Point to Woolloongabba. The Queensland Maritime Museum it at its south end and the Gardens Point Campus of the Queensland University of Technology is at its northern end.

It was opened on 21st October, 2001.

It does not carry any vehicular traffic. It is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and roller bladers. It connects the Southbank Parklands to the city.

It takes its name from the Goodwill Games held in Brisbane at the time.

It was amid controversy during its construction over its growing cost and a subsequent budgetary blow-out which resulted in the use of AU$23 million of government funds in its construction.