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Giancarlo Peris
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Giancarlo Peris

Giancarlo Peris (b. November 4, 1941), an Italian track athlete of Greek descent, was the final bearer of the Olympic torch for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy.

Peris was born in Civitavecchia, a port city on the Tyrrhenian Sea 70 kilometers northwest of Rome. He was chosen to be the last torchbearer because he was a very promising young half-track athlete, among other things having participated, one month before the opening of the Olympic games, in a competition of the national junior/youth team against Poland. Currently as of 2004 he teaches history and Italian at the technical high-school "G. Baccelli" of Civitavecchia. He has two sons, aged 35 and 28 years. Besides teaching he is the trainer of a small light athletics club. He also enjoys writing and teaching the writing of verse.