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Gestalt prayer
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Gestalt prayer

The so-called "Gestalt prayer" is a 56-word statement by psychotherapist Fritz Perls that is generally taken as a classic expression of the kind of individualism that took "do your own thing" as a slogan in the U.S in the 1960s.

The key idea of the statement is the endorsement of a focus on living in response to one's own needs; it also expresses an idea about people who respectively can help fulfill another's needs in fulfilling their own: when they "find each other, it's beautiful."

Immediately following that optimistic note, the final six words are "If not, it can't be helped". As of 2004, this closing is omitted from about a quarter of searchable Web citations of the statement, and such sites include the first Google hit for the search string

"fritz perls" "gestalt prayer"