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George Gilbert Scott
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George Gilbert Scott

Sir George Gilbert Scott (July 13, 1811 - March 27, 1878) was an English architect of the Victorian Age, chiefly associated with the design, building and renovation of churches and cathedrals.

Born in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, he was inspired by August Pugin to join the Gothic revival of the Victorian era, his first notable work being the Martyrs' Memorial on St Giles in Oxford (1841).

Other designs by him include:

One of Scott's major interests was medieval church architecture. He was involved in the restoration of several cathedrals (including those at Chichester, Gloucester, Wakefield and Exeter), plus Pershore Abbey, Malvern Priory and St. Margaret's, Westminster, and designed the chapels of Exeter College, Oxford and St John's College, Oxford.

Knighted in 1872, he died in 1878 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

His sons George Gilbert Scott Junior and John Oldrid Scott and grandson, Giles Gilbert Scott, were also prominent architects.