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GameCube 2
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GameCube 2

"GameCube 2", the next Nintendo console, currently referred to as Project Revolution, or by its codename N5. It is set to be released in late 2006, about the same time as the next Sony and Microsoft consoles. There is not much information on the console yet and the official name is also unconfirmed.

The system is expected to be demonstrated at E3 in May 2005. [1]. It is rumoured that the console will be backward compatible.

Though in the past Nintendo has made statements indicating that they would want to beat Sony and Microsoft to market in the next generation of consoles, more recently Nintendo has stated that they will ship their next console about the same time.

The future Microsoft and Nintendo consoles may use similar technologies or be one and the same. There have also been rumours that Nintendo and Microsoft plan on co-operating against Sony, according to a February 2004 speculation. [1]

Nintendo has stated that they wish for their new console to provide more than simply better graphics over its predecessor. It is not yet known how they will achieve this but it is thought that the N5 may provide new methods of interaction.

IGN recently made an in-depth FAQ on all the known details about the Revolution.