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G-14 is an organisation of European football clubs. It was founded in 2000 by 14 leading clubs to provide a unified voice in negotiations with UEFA and FIFA. New members may join by invitation only. In August 2002, four more clubs joined, taking the membership to 18, although the organisation has retained its original name.

Between them, the G-14 clubs have around 250 national league titles, and have won the European Cup/Champions League 37 out of 48 seasons.

The 2004 Champions League final is the first in that competition since 1992 in which one of the finalists is not a current G-14 member; the 2004 final features member Porto and non-member AS Monaco. Only two Champions League or European Cup finals have featured two teams that are not current G-14 members.

As for the other existing major UEFA club competition, the UEFA Cup, eleven finals have featured two non-members; however, no final since 1989 has failed to include at least one current G-14 member. The 2004 final is a battle between two members, Olympique Marseille and Valencia.

Founding members

New members, 2002

In April 2004, the G-14 initiated a preliminary investigation into FIFA by the Swiss Competition Commission, when G-14 complained of FIFA's requiring their players to be available for FIFA international competitions without compensating the clubs for their salaries and injuries.

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