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French Guiana
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French Guiana

Guiana or French Guiana (French Guyane or Guyane française) is an overseas département (département d'outre-mer, or DOM) of France, located on the Caribbean coast of South America.

Region Guyane
Official language French
Political status
Non-sovereign, overseas department of France
Department Number 971
Préfecture Cayenne
Sous-préfecture Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni
Head of Regional Council
Head of General Council
 - Total
 - % water
86,504 km²

 - Total (1999)
 - Density

Currency Euro
Time zone UTC -3
Calling Code590
Internet TLD.GF

Table of contents
1 History
2 Politics
3 Geography
4 Economy
5 Demographics
6 Miscellaneous
7 References


Main article: History of French Guiana

First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements (see Devil's Island) until 1951.


Main article: Politics of French Guiana

As an integral part of France, French Guiana is part of the European Union, the largest part in area outside Europe and the only part outside Europe that is not an island (other than the small towns of Ceuta and Melilla).


Main article: Geography of French Guiana

French Guiana is located on the Caribbean coast of South America.

See also: Communes of the Guyane département


Main article: Economy of French Guiana

The European Space Agency launches its satellites from Centre Spatial Guyanais, Kourou.


Main article: Demographics of French Guiana



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