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LP by Yes
Released January 4, 1972
Recorded September 1971 at Advision Studios in London, England
Genre Progressive rock
Length 41:13
Record label Atlantic Records
Professional reviews
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The Yes Album
Close to the Edge

Fragile is an album by British progressive rock band Yes. The album was intended to showcase the solo members' talents as well as the band. "Cans and Brahms" is a piece by Johannes Brahms arranged by Rick Wakeman; "We Have Heaven" is a Jon Anderson solo in which he sings all the vocal parts (a technique he returned to on his solo album Olias of Sunhillow); while "Five Per Cent For Nothing", "The Fish" and "Mood For A Day" are solo pieces by Bill Bruford, Chris Squire and Steve Howe respectively. The rest of the songs are all group performances.

"Roundabout" was subsequently released in an edited single version and may be the band's most well-known song. "Long Distance Runaround" and "Heart Of The Sunrise" are also among the band's most popular songs.

The cover design by Roger Dean depicts a tiny planet on the front. On the back, the planet has begun to break up and the population is escaping in a wooden space glider - a concept that was to inspire Anderson's Olias Of Sunhillow.

A DVD-Audio version of the album was released in 2002, featuring Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound mixes and other additional features.

Track listing

  1. Roundabout (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe) 8:29
  2. Cans And Brahms (Johannes Brahms arr Rick Wakeman) 1:35
  3. We Have Heaven (Jon Anderson) 1:30
  4. South Side Of The Sky (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire) 8:04
  5. Five Per Cent For Nothing (Bill Bruford) 0:35
  6. Long Distance Runaround (Jon Anderson) 3:33
  7. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Chris Squire) 2:35
  8. Mood For A Day (Steve Howe) 3:57
  9. Heart Of The Sunrise (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Bill Bruford) 10:34