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Forensic psychology
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Forensic psychology

Forensic psychology can be broken down into 3 areas:

  1. Applying psychological techniques to help in the prosecution of criminals.
  2. The rehabilitation of criminals once in the prison system.
  3. Investigative Psychology (although really a separate science now), which specialises in the finding and subsequent arrest of criminals. There are, to my knowledge, only 3 courses in the world that teach MSc Investigative Psychology (IP). One is at Quantico, taught by the FBI to its agents, another based at Liverpool University, England, taught by the "founder" of the science, Prof. David Canter, and the last is a MA degree with a concentration in Criminal Investigative Psychology from Vermont College (Link is http://www.investigativepsych.com/madegree.htm). There is also a Masters in Crime Science at University College London, which looks to be the same thing by a different name.

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