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FM4 is an austrian national radio station, powered by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF. Its main target audience are the youth and those who just don't want to grow old.

The programme of FM4 is characterized by a high quota of spoken word and - even more important - by getting produced in english language for the biggest part.
There are also news in french twice a day.

FM4 was first aired on January 16th 1995 and was first sharing its frequencies with the fully english producing radio station Blue Danube Radio which was also powered by the ORF. From its foundation in 1995 until January 31st 2000 FM4 was only broadcasting in the evening and night time from 7pm til 6am, since February 1st 2000 FM4 is broadcasting its programme 24/7.

In its first years FM4 was sort of an underground radio station and an insiders' tip, but since its ever growing popularity and quotas, not at least based on the full-time programme, it more and more became a very well-known radio station which is using the term alternativ mainstream for its self description.

On October 26th 2001 the FM4 Soundpark was launched, which is a platform where young musicians can publish their work for free to reach a bigger audience and maybe to start a bigger career that way.

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