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Figure skating at the 1924 Winter Olympics
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Figure skating at the 1924 Winter Olympics

The three figure skating events held at the 1924 Winter Olympics were not the first figure skating events contested at the Olympic Games, as the sport had also been on the programme at the 1908 and 1920 Summer Games. Gillis Grafström; successfully defended his title of 1920.

Table of contents
1 Men
2 Women
3 Pairs


Pos Athlete
1 Gillis Grafström; (SWE)
2 Willy Böckl; (AUT)
3 Georges Gautschi (SUI)


Pos Athlete
1 Herma Planck-Szabo (AUT)
2 Beatrix Loughran (USA)
3 Ethel Muckelt (GBR)


Pos Athletes
1 Helen Engelmann & Alfred Berger (AUT)
2 Ludowika Jakobsson & Walter Jakobsson (FIN)
3 Andréee Joly; & Pierre Brunet (FRA)