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The made-up word fhqwhgads is a stock phrase stemming from three short Homestar Runner cartoons.

The first involves the character Strong Bad receiving email from a person going by the name of "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf" which Strong Bad shortened to "fhqwhgads". The email simply stated "i love you", and some believe the "name" was really the raw code for the I Love You virus. However, it is more than likely that it had a origin similar to that of Spock's last name, where the author pounded randomly on the keyboard.

The second, ostensibly a music video produced by The Cheat for Strong Bad's song "Everybody to the Limit", also features this name for humorous effect.

The third involves Strong Bad receiving a request by "Sibbie" to write a song about her, as he did about fhqwhgads. Strong Bad remarks about how fhqwhgads is properly spelled and mocks frequent misspellings of the word. A secret segment at the end of the short features Homestar Runner, Coach Z, and Strong Mad similarly butchering the pronunciation of fhqwhgads (which is [f@'h@w@gadz] in the SAMPA adaptation of the IPA).

Much like "all your base are belong to us", this random word has become more than a little bit of an in-joke in fan circles.

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