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Female is a sex that denotes an animal which produces egg cells in order to reproduce. (The "egg cell" is the larger gamete).

The female is one half of a heterogamous reproduction system, where the male is the other half. In many cases, a female cannot reproduce without sexual intercourse with a male, although some exceptions exist. What actually differentiates a female from a male is not always apparent, and in some cases is more a question of definition than anything else.

Female is commonly represented by the symbol ♀

'Female' and 'male' designate reproductive structures in plants, so the concept is not just limited to animals.

A woman is a female human being.

Female or Feminine is a grammatical gender in many languages.

In most cultures, women are expected to conform to a standard female gender role.

In hardware and electronics, a female connector is a fixture, such as a socket, which is designed to have a corresponding (male) fitting inserted into it (see gender changer). The word female figuratively means internal based on this sense.

See the main article on woman for more on female humans.