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Fay Vincent
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Fay Vincent

Francis "Fay" Vincent (born May 29, 1938) was commissioner of baseball from 1989 to September 7, 1992. He became the 8th commissioner of baseball after the death of A. Bartlett Giamatti and presided over the World Series earthquake in San Francisco, the owner's lockout, and suspension of George Steinbrenner in his first year.

His relationship with baseball's owners was always tenuous at best; he resigned in 1992 after the owners gave him an 18-9 no confidence vote. He was replaced by Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig.

Because Selig's family retained ownership of the Brewers, Vincent was the last truly impartial commissioner of baseball, since he held no ownership of a team himself.

Vincent has also been connected with Pete Rose's lifetime banishment from baseball; however, Rose's banishment began while Giamatti was commissioner, not Vincent (although Vincent led the investigation and was involved in the negotiations). Vincent has publicly said he does not support Rose's reinstatement. In 2001, when baseball owners voted to contract two clubs, Vincent criticized them for not consulting the players union.

Preceded by:
Bart Giamatti
Commissioners of Baseball Succeeded by:
Bud Selig