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Fandango (dance)
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Fandango (dance)

This page is about the dance; for other meanings, see fandango.

Fandangos is a form of flamenco and Spanish folk music, probably derived from the jota. The fandangos form probably has more derivations than any other in flamenco.

The fandangos grande is normally danced by couples, which start out slowly with gradually increasing tempo. This is the form from which many others are derived.

The fandanguillos (little fandangos) are livelier, more festive derivations of fandangos. Some regions of Spain have developed their own style of fandangos, such as Huelva (fandangos de Huelva) and Málaga (fandangos de Málaga, or Verdiales).

The rhythm is essentially the same as for bulerias and soleares.

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