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Fall of man (Unification Church)
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Fall of man (Unification Church)

According to Unification theology, the fall of man occurred when Eve, tempted by the serpent, ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The church interprets this story in symbolic terms.

The serpent symbolizes the archangel Lucifer, who fell and became Satan ("the great serpent was thrown down" Rev. 12:5).

The two trees in the center of the garden symbolize Adam and Eve. That is, if Adam had fulfilled his responsibility of growing to perfection, he would have become a tree of life. Likewise, if Eve had grown to perfection, she would have become tree of goodness. Her love (knowledge) had the potential for good or evil, hence the term "knowledge of good and evil".

The idea that love itself is not always a good thing, but can be either bad or good, finds resonance in modern music. "My love is vengeance", sings Pete Townshend.

The fruit of knowledge symbolizes Eve's love. If Adam and Eve had grown to perfection before consummating their marriage, their sexual love would have been good.

The first time Eve ate the fruit means that she committed adultery with Lucifer.

When Eve gave the fruit to Adam and he ate, it means they had sexual intercourse.

Although they were supposed to be husband and wife, their intercourse was nonetheless a sin, for two reasons. First, neither of them had reached perfection of heart yet. Second, Eve had committed adultery with the angel and had received evil elements from Lucifer (fallen nature). Through their intercourse, Adam received the fallen nature from Eve as well.

The original sin was thus an act of premature sex between Adam and Eve.

The Unification Church defines fallen nature as the evil characteristics mankind has inherited due to the fall of man. There are four fallen natures.

  1. failure to see from God's viewpoint and love as God loves
  2. failure to receive God's love
  3. reversal of dominion
  4. multiplication of evil

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