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Some most important explorations (in chronological order) :'

Exploration When Who (explorer)
Around western Europe to Thule Island about 330 BC Pytheas of Marsailles
the Middle East and India 325-280 BC Alexander the Great
Greenland 900 Gunnbjoern
Silk Road 1274-1292 Marco Polo
Congo River 1482 Diego Cao
Cape of Good Hope 1488 Bartolomeu Dias
America 1492 Christopher Columbus
Sea route to India 1497-1498 Vasco da Gama
Caribbean 1493-1502 Christopher Columbus
Jamaica 1494 Christopher Columbus
Mexico and Central America 1519-1524 Hernán Cortés
Peru and Equador 1531-1534 Francisco Pizarro
Around the Globe 1519-1522 Ferdinand Magellan
Timor 1522 Juan Sebastian del Cano
Inca Empire 1531-1534 Francisco Pizarro
the North 1574-1631 Henry Hudson
the North 1594-1597 Willem Barents
Oceania 1642-1643 Abel Tasman
Oceania 1768-1779 James Cook
North Pacific, western Alaska, east shores of Asia 1771 Moric Benovsky
Hawaii Islands 1778 James Cook
Central America and Latin America 1799-1803 Alexander von Humboldt
North America 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition
Africa 1849-1863 David Livingstone
the North Pole 06-04-1909 Robert Peary
the South Pole 15-12-1911 Roald Amundsen
the South Pole 18-01-1912 Robert Falcon Scott
the Moon 1969 Apollo 11
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