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Evening Standard (London)
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Evening Standard (London)

The Evening Standard is a newspaper published in London. It was launched as the Standard on May 21, 1827. For a short period during the 1990s it reverted to its original name.

In the beginning of the 20th century the paper was owned by Canadian tycoon Lord Beaverbrook, who also owned the Daily Express. The paper is currently owned by Daily Mail and General Trust, publishers of the Daily Mail.

As of June 2002 five editions were published each day, from Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays, numbering 429,851 copies sold per day. In addition to the main London editions, there is also a "Metro" edition available throughout the Home Counties.

For many British people the plaintive cry of the newspaper's street sellers represents an essential part of the London fabric - "Eenin Stannard".

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