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Coat of arms Map
Principle Data
Country: Germany
County: Bavaria
District: Oberpfalz
Andministrative district: Neustadt at Waldnaab
Area: 13,60 km²
Number of inhabitants: 1.721 (31.12.2003)
Village parts: Schustergasse, Dorf, Plan, Berg, Radschin, Wassergraben
Density of population: 125,8 Inhabitants/km²
Height: 429 m over sea level
Post Code: 92694
Dialling: 0961
Geographical Coordinates: 49°38'N
Registration number of cars: NEW
Official Community Key: 09374119
Adress of Municipal Authority: Weidener Straße 14
92694 Etzenricht
Website: www.etzenricht.de
E-Mail-Adresse: etzenricht.de
Mayor: Herbert Dorner
Etzenricht is a small village in the Upper Palatinate, South-Eastly of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate with 1721 inhabitants and various small industry. Eastly from Etzenricht toward the direction Rothenstadt there is a transformer station of the E.ON AG with the GKK Etzenricht (described below) and a large compressor station for natural gas. In the proximity of Etzenricht there are numerous fish-rich small waters, which can be used from anglers after reception of a fishing license with the local fishery association.

Chronology of the village Etzenricht

Etzenricht was mentioned for the first time documentary in 1270. 1283 it was mentioned in the Salbuch "Ludwig the Strengen" as "Aechswinreuth". The inhabitants of Etzenricht lived at that time on the honey production and the agriculture. 1414 came the Reformator Johannes Huss on its way to the council of Konstanz though Etzenricht. In the war from 1618 to 1648 Etzenricht was destroyed in 1631. 1875 took place the building of the railway, but first in 1877 Etzenricht got its own railway station. Up to the completion of the catholic church in 1932 the condition persisted simultaneous around in Etzenricht that Evangelist and catholic services took place in the same church. A transformer station of the Bayernwerk AG (now E.ON AG) was built in the vicinity of Etzenricht and which was made expanded in the subsequent years for several times. On the area of this site was installed from 1991 to 1993 a HVDC back-to-back facility, the such called GKK Etzenricht, which made the name of the municipality Etzenricht supraregional popular.

GKK Etzenricht

Description of the facility

In the proximity of Etzenricht the former Bayernwerk AG (now E.ON AG) operated from 1993 to 1995 a HVDC back-to-back facility, the GKK (=Gleichstromkurzkupplung) Etzenricht for the coupling of the German and Czech electricity grids. It had a maximum transmission rate of 600 megawatts and worked with a DC voltage of 160kV. The two static inverters are in a 13 meters high hall with 430 square meters of surface area, which was built in a combination of local and finished concrete building method. Each static inverter consists of 432 thyristors, which are put in six thyristor towers arranged in a row. Each thyristor tower consists of 8 thyristor components, which each contain 9 series-switched thyristors and necessary auxiliary facilities, as the saturable core reactors required for the current limiting. As thyristor the type U78 S346 S34 from Siemens with a maximum continuous marginal current with 4100Ampere was used, which was at the time of the establishment of the plant the most powerful thyristor of the world. At both ends of the hall there are three bays for the accommodation of the static inverter transformers, which are built as single-phase units.

History of the GKK Etzenricht

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April 26th, 1991 Construction started
September 1991 Building complete
May 1992 Start of inaugauration
January 27th, 1993 Start trial operation
July 9th, 1993 Official inaugauration
October 18th, 1995 Shutdown after synchronisation of the German and the Czech Power Grid

The facility is at the moment in a non operable state on the area. It shall be sold to Eastern Europe in order to allow an energy exchange to Russia.

Literature to the GKK Etzenricht

Sonderdruck aus Elektrizitätswirtschaft ( Nr. 4475),"Gleichstromkurzkupplung Etzenricht Strombrücke zwischen West und Ost" (in German)