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Ethnic German
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Ethnic German

Ethnic Germans (usually simply called Germans) are those who are considered, by themselves or others, to be German rather than anything else but who do not live within the Federal Republic of Germany nor hold its citizenship. The concept of ethnic belonging is always problematic; it can relate to

The concept of who is an ethnic German has repeatedly changed in history. For example, Austrians used to consider themselves as ethnic Germans up to the 20th century. The first attempts to create a consciousness of the "Austrian nation" took place in the early 1930s, but without major effects. After WW II Austrians increasingly see themselves as a nation distinct from the German one, and today no more than 10 percent of German-speaking Austrians consider themselves as Germans.

Ethnic Germans form an important minority group in several central and eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Commonwealth of Independent States) as well as in Namibia and southern Brazil.

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