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Erzya language
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Erzya language

Erzya (Эрзянь Кель (Erzjanj Kelj)) is spoken in the northern part of the republic of Mordovia in Russia. It is spoken by about 500,000 people. It is currently written using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. In Mordovia, it is co-official with Moksha and Russian.

The language belongs to the mordvinic branch of Finno-Ugric languages. It is related to Moksha language, but is quite distinct.

SIL code: MYV
ISO 639-2: fiu

Alphabet: А/а, Б/б, В/в, Г/г, Д/д, Е/е, Ё/ё, Ж/ж, З/з, И/и, Й/й, К/к, Л/л, М/м, Н/н, О/о, П/п, Р/р, С/с, Т/т, У/у, Ф/ф, Х/х, Ц/ц, Ч/ч, Ш/ш, Щ/щ, Ъ/ъ, Ы/ы, Ь/ь, Э/э, Ю/ю, Я/я