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Eric XIV of Sweden
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Eric XIV of Sweden

Eric XIV
ReignSeptember 29, 1560-September 29, 1568
CoronationJune 29, 1561
Royal motto "Deus dat cui vult"
("God gives to whom He wishes")
QueenKarin Månsdotter
Royal HouseVasa
Date of BirthDecember 13, 1533
Place of BirthRoyal Castle in Stockholm
Date of DeathFebruary 25, 1577
Place of DeathÖrbyhus Castle, Uplandia
Place of BurialVästerås Cathedral, Vestmannia
Erik XIV of Sweden (December 13, 1533 - February 26, 1577), son of Gustav I of Sweden and Catherine of Saxony-Lauenburg, was king of Sweden from 1560 until he was deposed in 1568. He was also ruler of Estonia, after it gave itself under Sweden in 1561. He died in prison, apparently of poisoning. A document signed by his brother John III of Sweden and a nobleman, Bengt Bengtsson Gylta, gave Eric's watchmen in his last prison authorization to poison him if anyone tried to release him. His body was later analyzed, and showed indications of poisoning.

Eric had several relationships before his marriage. With Agda Persdotter he had three daughters:

  1. Virginia Eriksdotter (1559-1633) (living descendants)
  2. Constantia Eriksdotter (1560-1649) (living descendants)
  3. Lucretia Eriksdotter (1564-still alive 1574) died young.

With Karin Jacobsdotter:
  1. An unmarried child, dead apr. 1565.

He finally married Karin Månsdotter (1550 - 1612), on July 4, 1568, their children were:
  1. Sigrid (1566-1633) (born before the marriage)
  2. Gustaf (1568-1607) (born before the marriage)
  3. Henrik (1570-1574)
  4. Arnold (1572-1573)

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Preceded by:
Gustav I
King of Sweden Succeeded by:
John III