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Entre Ríos
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Entre Ríos

Entre Ríos is a province of Argentina, it lays and borders north of Buenos Aires Province, south of Corrientes Province, east of Santa Fe Province, and west of Uruguay.

Its capital is Paraná (as of 2003, with approx. 250,000 inhabitants), on the Paraná River in front of Santa Fé.

Its "caudillo" is Justo José de Urquiza, who ruled the province most of its early years in the 19th century.

The province is divided in 15 departments (spanish departamentos).

Department (Capital)

  1. Colón (Colón)
  2. Concordia (Concordia)
  3. Diamante (Diamante)
  4. Federación (Federación)
  5. Federal (Federal)
  6. Gualeguay (Gualeguay)
  7. Gualeguaychú (Gualeguaychú)
  8. La Paz (La Paz)
  9. Nogoyá (Nogoyá)
  10. Paraná (Paraná)
  11. San José de Feliciano (San José de Feliciano)
  12. Tala (Rosario del Tala)
  13. Uruguay (Concepción del Uruguay)
  14. Victoria (Victoria)
  15. Villaguay (Villaguay)

Major cities in the province are: Their inhabitants usually are named/called: "Panzas verdes" (Green bellies).

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