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Emlyn Williams
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Emlyn Williams

George Emlyn Williams (November 26, 1905 - September 25, 1987) was a Welsh dramatist and actor. He was born into a working-class family of North Wales, but won a scholarship to Christ Church College, Oxford. In 1927, he joined a repertory company and began his stage career. By 1930, he had branched out into writing, and his first major success was with the thriller, Night Must Fall (1935), which was later made into a film. His other great play was very different: The Corn is Green (1938). He often appeared in his own plays, and was famous for his one-man-show, with which he toured the world, playing Charles Dickens in an evening of readings from Dickens' novels. His autobiography, in the volumes George (1961) and Emlyn (1973), was also highly successful.