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EMI Group plc was formed as Electric and Musical Industries Ltd in March 1931 from a merger of UK Columbia Records and the Gramophone Company/HMV. EMI was the largest record company in the world for nearly fifty years.

Under the control of Sir Louis Sterling, EMI opened the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England in November 1931.

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1 Labels under the EMI banner
2 Musicians signed, or previously signed, to EMI
3 Pre-1960
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Labels under the EMI banner

Musicians signed, or previously signed, to EMI

The musicians may have been signed under one of EMIs subsidiary labels. The subsidiary is noted next to the artist if this is the case.



1970s - Present

Metal bands on EMI during the 1980's included:

The Sex Pistols were briefly signed to the label in 1976 in a relationship that was fraught with controversy, and that had lasting repercussions for the history of the music industry.

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