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Elimidate is a television dating show. In it, one contestant chooses between four suitors eliminating them one by one.

The contestant(either male or female) meets their suitors one by one, and then gives their first impression in a confessional-style cutscene. The suitors do the same to each other.

The group of five is cut by one each round, and in each round the group goes to a different place. Usually, the show starts out in a public place, such as a restaurant or club, but when there are only two suitors left, they move to a hot tub. Things of a sexual nature usually occur.

The suitors are extremely competitive, and will say anything to make the others look bad. There are rare cases where no one does any major fighting, but cattiness is the major draw of the show. The suitors usually fight for the contestant, but there has been at least one instance of two female suitors leaving with each other, because they were so disgusted with the male contestant.