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Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards
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Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards

Michael Edwards (b. 5 December 1963) better known as Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards was the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic Ski jumping.

Eddie was born in Cheltenham and was working as a plasterer when he qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics ski-jump competition. He had previously represented Britain at the 1987 World Championships, and was ranked 55th in the world at ski jump. He qualified simply because no other Briton applied. He finished last in both the 70m and 90m events but his lack of success warmed people to him all across the globe. The worse he did, the more popular he became. He subsequently became a media celebrity and appears on talk-shows around the world.

He released released a book called On the piste (ISBN 0233994971) and much later a song called Fly Eddie Fly that reached the Top 50 in England.

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