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Ed Wynn
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Ed Wynn

Ed Wynn (November 9, 1886 - June 19, 1966) was a popular United States entertainer, born Isaiah Edward Leopold in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was best known as a comedian, billed as The Perfect Fool (and starring in a musical revue of that name on Broadway in 1921). Wynn also wrote, directed, and produced shows.

He became a headliner on Vaudeville in the early 1910s, and was a star of the Ziegfeld Follies starting in 1914.

He hosted a popular radio show for most of the 1930s, heard in North America on Tuesday nights, sponsored by Texaco gasoline.

Wynn founded his own short-lived radio network, the Amalgamated Broadcast System, which lasted only a few months in 1933.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s he hosted a television show, and won an Emmy Award in 1949.

After the end of his television show, Wynn worked as a dramatic actor in movies. His role in The Diary of Anne Frank (film) won him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in 1959.

One of his best-known performances in his later years was as "Uncle Albert" in Walt Disney's film, Mary Poppins.

Ed Wynn's son Keenan Wynn also became an actor of note.

Ed Wynn died in Beverly Hills, California.

The distinctive giggly wavering voice which Wynn created for his "Perfect Fool" character remains much imitated, especially by voice actors of animated cartoons.


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