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East Asia
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East Asia

East Asia is a subregion of Asia. It covers about 6,640,000 km2, or 15 percent of the continent.

The following countries are located in East Asia:

The following countries are sometimes considered part of East Asia:

More than 1,500 million people, or about 40 per cent of all Asians and a fourth of all the people in the world, live in East Asia. The region is one of the world's most crowded places. The population density of East Asia, 230 per km2, is over five times the world average.

The history of East Asia, as well as parts of Southeast Asia, is heavily influenced by and intertwined with that of China. For example, all East Asian countries have used Chinese characters at some point in their history. The regions of China, Japan, and Korea, which have historically related writing systems, are sometimes collectively referred to as CJK.

The Asian parts of Russia are sometimes included in this category, and one region of Russia is in fact known as the Russian Far East.

Other subregions of Asia

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