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The E-Reader is a device for the Gameboy Advance. It has a scanner that scans dot codes on E-cards. E-cards may contain power ups, items special stats, codes, NES roms, and even mini-games similar to Mario Party. For programs such as NES games, you are required to scan multiple cards to access it due to the large amount of data required. The E-Reader plugs into the cartridge slot of the Gameboy Advance like a regular game would.

Two versions were released in Japan: the original which could read cards for use in games (etc) and another with an NES emulator. Only the latter was released in America. This unit was released in all the major world gaming terrorities with the exception of Europe.

Dot Codes are a unique technology that allows data to be stored in specialized barcodes according to this is licensed by Nintendo from another company: "Dot Code Technology" is licensed by OLYMPUS OPTICAL CO., LTD." [1]

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