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Durham Cathedral
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Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, in the North East of England, was founded in 1093 and is still a centre for Christian worship today. It is generally regarded as one of the outstanding examples of a Norman cathedral in Europe, and has been designated as part of a World Heritage site along with nearby Durham Castle.

The Cathedral houses the shrine and related treasures of Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, a 7th century saint, and these are on public view. It is also possible to climb the 325 steps to the top of the tower, from where a fine view of Durham and the surrounding area can be enjoyed.

There are regular services sung by the excellent Cathedral Choir, who sing every day except Mondays (except for certain vacations). Details of forthcoming services are available on the web-site.

The Bishops of Durham were very powerful Prince Bishops up to the mid-19th Century. The seat of Bishop of Durham is still the fourth most significant in the Church of England hierarchy.

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