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Drinking is the act of consuming a liquid through the mouth, almost always largely consisting of water. Lack of water in the diet will eventually cause death by dehydration. The sensation caused by dehydration of the body is called thirst. The best way for the body to drink and obtain water is not to chug or drink fast, but to take small frequent sips of water. It is also possible to overhydrate, which sometimes happens with athletes who consume too much water, thereby diluting the concentration of salts in the body.

Much of the world's disease is caused by the lack of clean drinking water.

Drinking vessels include glasses, cups, bottles, canteens, or even bowls in some cases.

Fewer skills are required for drinking from a baby bottle or a cup with a lid with nozzle. Therefore these are useful for small children and people with some disabilities. If eating and drinking is not possible, alternatives are enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition.

The word drinking is in particular used as a euphemism for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, with the word thirst being the corresponding euphemism used by alcoholics for alcoholism.

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