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Double Dare
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Double Dare

Double Dare was a game show hosted by Marc Summers that aired on Nickelodeon from 1986 to 1993.

The game was played by two groups of two people, the red team and the blue. At the start of each round, the two teams performed a physical challenge; twenty U.S dollars and the first question in the quiz segment were given to the winner of the challenge. In a quiz segment, the team in control was asked a question worth ten or twenty dollars by Summers; if they chose to answer, they would receive a set amount of money for a correct response and loss of control for an incorrect answer. If a team chose not to answer, the question would be asked for double the amount of the other team. If this team didn't answer, the first team would be asked the question again for four times the original sum. If the team refused to answer, they would attempt to receive the money and retain control by successfully completing a physical challenge. After the first commercial break, a second round was played. Whichever team had the larger sum at the end of this round won the game.

The winning team would then try to complete an eight-stage physical challenge within one minute. In each stage, a team member would try to retreve a small pennant and give it to the person performing the next stage before he could start that stage. After time was up, the team would receive a prize for each stage completed. The eighth flag won the grand prize, usually a trip.

Double Dare had several spinoffs:

Double Dare also had several international versions. Among them:

Double Dare was also the name of a short-lived quiz show that ran on CBS in 1976 and 1977; see Double Dare (1976)