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Don Cherry (singer/golf)
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Don Cherry (singer/golf)

Don Cherry (born January 11, 1924) was a singer of traditional pop music and a golfer.

Cherry was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He started as a big band singer, in the orchestras of Jan Garber, Victor Young and Tommy Dorsey. In 1951 he recorded his first solo hits, "Thinking of You" and "Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle", the latter of which had a better-selling version by Guy Mitchell. In 1955 came his biggest hit, "Band of Gold". He had three more hits in 1956 ("Wild Cherry", "Ghost Town" and "Namely You"), all of them backed by famous orchestra leader Ray Conniff. He was also the well known voice of the "Mr.Clean" commercials during the late 1950s and early 60s.

Throughout his singing career, Cherry was also a top ranked amateur golfer and was actually in contention to win the 1960 US Open before eventually finishing in the top 5, behind winner Arnold Palmer. Several years after, Cherry decided to turn professional. In fact "Pro" was his nickname amongst his fellow entertainers and his skill on the golf course was matched only by his volcanic temper which, he said, "...made Tommy Bolt look like a choir boy!".

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