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Dog Eat Dog (television series)
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Dog Eat Dog (television series)

Dog Eat Dog is a British game show on the BBC hosted by Ulrika Jonsson. It began in 2001, and the programme starts off by showing the six contestants at a training day where they undergo various tests to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The contestants talk about themselves, and their fellow competitors.

In the studio, the contestants nominate who they think will fail a given challenge, which will either be a mental or physical one. If they fail, they go to the "Loser's Bench", and if they win, they get to choose who goes to that area of the studio.

The last remaining contestant has the chance of winning the 10,000 prize, but has to face a general knowledge round against the other 5 competitors. If they can predict which three will get their questions wrong, they'll win the money; however, if the losers get three of their questions right, they split the prize between them i.e. 2,000 each, and the overall winner of the show goes home with nothing.

The United States version of the show was hosted by Brooke Burns.