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DK Hammer
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DK Hammer

The DK Hammer is a fictional weapon created by Nintendo for the game Donkey Kong, originally used by Mario to break barrels in the game. It has since appeared in several video games, interestingly enough having implicite cameos as well as explicite ones.

The DK Hammer is jokingly considered to be all powerful by many video game fans, possibly because it was the closest thing to invincibility in the original Donkey Kong; Nintendo backed up this assertion in the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Bros, where the DK Hammer is a weapon that makes the player virtually invulnerable to all but attacks from below, while dealing enough damage to knock most characters off screen--the main goal of Super Smash Bros.--in 2-3 blows. This use of the Hammer may also be what lead to the common perception of its power.

Besides appearing in both Super Smash Bros. and its sequal for the GameCube, Super Smash Bros. Melee, the DK Hammer has implicitely been referenced in the Super Nintendo RPG, Super Mario RPG. Although it is never stated, one can clearly see the influence from the original Donkey Kong when Mario gets a large wooden hammer with the Hammer Bros insignia on it; this is the first record of Mario using a hammer as a weapon since the original Donkey Kong.

Hammers have been used as weapons by the Hammer Bros. in Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 on Nintendo, as well as in several other places.

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