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Dizzy Up the Girl
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Dizzy Up the Girl

Dizzy Up The Girl is an album by Goo Goo Dolls, released in 1998 on Warner Bros.


Warner Brothers

Track listing

  1. "Dizzy" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  2. "Slide" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  3. "Broadway" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  4. "January Friend" (Robby Takac)
  5. "Black Balloon" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  6. "Amigone" (Robby Takac)
  7. "All Eyes On Me" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  8. "Full Forever" (Robby Takac)
  9. "Acoustic #3" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  10. "Iris" (Johnny Rzeznik)
  11. "Extra Pale" (Robby Takac)
  12. "Hate This Place" (Johnny Rzeznik)

"Iris", "Slide", and "Black Balloon" all have videos and were released as singles. "Iris" was written for and included on the
soundtrack for the 1998 movie City Of Angels.

According to Johnny Rzeznik, "Acoustic #3" is intentionally short (running only a minute and a half) in order to prevent it from being released as single. He wanted the song to be appreciated for what it was, not because it was constantly played on the radio.