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Districts of Serbia
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Districts of Serbia

Okruzi are the Districts of Serbia.

Okrug is a term to denote administrative subdivision in some Slavic states. Its etymology is similar to German Kreis, circle (in the meaning of administrative division) (although translated in German as Bezirk): okrug is literally something "encircling".

In subdivisions of Serbia, the term is translated as district, sometimes as county.

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Serbia organization

The territorial order of the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the Law on Territorial Organization and Local Self-Government, adopted in the National Assembly on July 24, 1991. Under the Law, the municipalities, cities and settlements make the bases of the territorial organization.

By its Enactment of 29 January 1992, the Government of the Republic of Serbia defined the state administration affairs that shall be run by the competent Ministries out of their seats, within the districts as regional centers of state authority. The Republic of Serbia is divided into 29 districts.


Central Serbia





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