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Distraction is a British game show shown on Channel 4. Presented by comedian Jimmy Carr, the show involves contestants answering questions, while being distracted in various bizarre ways.

At the start of the show there are four contestants. Before the first round, they 'get to know each other', finding out about each others embarrassing moments.

The first three rounds are usually quizzes. However, these round feature various distractions, causing pain and discomfort. The distractions may be endured throughout the round, or in order to answer questions, or as punishment for incorrect answers. Occasionally they are endured when successfully answering questions.

Distractions have included being electrocuted, having to press buzzers surrounded by cacti, being shot by paintball guns, and contestants drinking their own urine.

In the fourth and final round, there is one remaining player, who wins a prize (or prizes) worth 5000. However, the condition of this (these) depends on how well they do in this round. Typically there are five questions, with incorrect answers lead to a correspond portion of the prize (prizes) being destroyed or damaged.

For example, in one episode the prize was a car, and getting a particular question wrong led to a contestant having to spray paint graffiti on the side of it.