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Discovery Channel
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Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is an American cable TV network that has a variety of science programming, particularly documentaries and nature shows. Discovery Channel went on the air in 1984 and is owned by Discovery Communications, which also owns TLC (formerly The Learning Channel) and Animal Planet. The Discovery Channel has added programming like American Chopper and Monster Garage that widens their initial scope.

Discovery Channel also has a multiplex of digital channels: Discovery Times (operated in association with The New York Times), Discovery Health, Discovery Home & Leisure, Discovery Kids, Discovery Wings, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel & Adventure and Discovery Civilization.

Discovery Channel Radio is a channel on both of the major United States satellite radio services: XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. The programming consists of audio versions of popular programs from its multitude of TV channels.

In a number of countries Discovery channels are available on digital satellite platforms with multiple language soundtracks or subtitles (like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian). For example, subscribers of Cyfra+ in Poland, at an extra $2 per month, can now switch between four Discovery channels with two language soundtracks: the original English or the native Polish soundtrack. In Bulgaria, Discovery has for a few years been displayed with Bulgarian subtitles by all cable providers.

Canadian viewers receive similar English-language programming to the channel that American viewers watch, but with content modified to suit the audience. Most notably, Discovery Channel Canada carries the daily science news show Daily Planet, originally @discovery.ca, the first of its kind.

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