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Demons and Wizards
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Demons and Wizards

Demons & Wizards is a heavy metal recording project conceived as a side-project of the metal bands Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. It is made up of the vocalist for Blind Guardian, Hansi Kursch, and the guitarist of Iced Earth, Jon Schaffer. Schaffer writes the music and Kursch writes the lyrics.

The original goal of the band, was to in a way forge the different musical styles of both Iced Earth's dark melodies, and Blind Guardian's powerful vocals into one. The band met with a fair deal of commercial success, though not as much as each of their individual bands.

So far, the partnership has released one album, the self-titled Demons & Wizards;.

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Demons and Wizards is a 1972 album by rock music band Uriah Heep.