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A demographic, in marketing-speak, comprises a demographic grouping or a market segment. A demographic is used to determine when and where advertising should be placed so as to achieve maximum results. This involves age bands (as teenagers do not wish to purchse denture fixant), social class bands (as the rich will be willing to pay more for things they donot need than middle and poor classes) and the gender gap (partially because different physcial attributes require different hygene and clothing products, and partially because of the man/woman mindsets). In all such cases, it is important that the advertiser get the most results for their money, and so careful research for prime advertising spots is done.

A good way to figure out the demographic for a television show or magazine is to study the ads that accomany it. A good example is The Price is Right, which most frequently airs from 11 AM to Noon. The commercials on it (besides the blatant use of product placement in the show itself) are often for things like arthritis pain releavers and diapers. This indicates that the target demographics are senior citizens and mothers with young children, both of which would be home at that time of day and see that show.

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