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David Fincher
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David Fincher

David Fincher (born May 10, 1962) is a film director.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Fincher started as an animator at Industrial Light and Magic in 1980 and stayed until 1984(?). In 1986 he founded the video-production company Propaganda Films. He directed big-budget videos for artists such as Madonna including "Express Yourself", George Michael, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones with their "Love Is Strong" clip; as well as commercials. Like a number of other video directors, including Julien Temple, Russel Mulcahy and Tarsem, he then moved into film with the debut of Alien3, which was then the most expensive picture by a first-time director. However, this film is largely considered to be a financial and critical failure. Nevertheless, his career rebounded with the dark thriller Se7en, and his rise as an innovative filmmaker has continued, putting him in the forefront of his post-video director contemporaries.

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