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David and Frederick Barclay
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David and Frederick Barclay

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay (both born 27 October 1934) are British businessmen who co-own of the newspaper The Scotsman. They are twin brothers, and are frequently described as being reclusive. As of 30 July 2004 they are the owners of The Telegraph Group which includes The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator, after months of intense bidding and lawsuits. Their Press Acquisitions company also owns the Edinburgh Evening News, Scotland on Sunday, The Business and The Scotsman.

The Daily Telegraph was previously owned by Hollinger Inc of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the newspaper group controlled by Canadian-born businessman, Conrad Black. Hollinger Inc. also owns the Chicago Sun-Times, the Jerusalem Post, and other right-leaning publications such as The Spectator, a weekly magazine edited by the British Member of Parliament, Boris Johnson.

In 1993, they bought the island of Brecqhou, one of the Channel Islands, located just west of Sark. Since the purchase the Barclays have been in several legal disputes with the government of Sark and have expressed a desire to make Brecqhou politically independent from Sark.

In 2003, they were listed in joint 34th place in the Sunday Times Rich List, which estimated their combined wealth as at least 650,000,000. It stated property, media, and hotels as the main sources of their riches.

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