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Dave Holland
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Dave Holland

Dave Holland (born October 1, 1946) is a jazz bassist and composer.

He first became widely known in the late 1960s when he worked with Miles Davis during Davis' Bitches Brew era. Holland was a sideman for many other jazz artists in the 1970s, including various formations that paired him with Chick Corea, John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette, Barry Altschul, John Braxton, among many others. While Holland has recorded solo and duo albums, the bulk of his recording and performance work has been in small to medium sized groups.

The most recent incarnation of the Dave Holland Quintet, formed in 1997, has won multiple Grammy nominations and awards. The quintet includes Robin Eubanks on trombone and cowbell; Steve Nelson on marimba and vibraphone; Chris Potter on saxophones; and Billy Kilson -- and more recently, Nate Smith -- on drums.

Holland's trademarks as a composer include folk song-like motives, asymmetrical rhythms, and themes in two or more voices (usually trombone and saxophone).

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