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In the dictionary, creativeness means "The quality of being creative." Creative in the means of thoughts, actions, words, etc. Creativity comes out through a process of willing to see and do the not-so-normal. Amoung the most creative forms of theatre is playback theatre, the group "yours truly" founded by Nandini and Ranji explore different art forms to make a creative effort in their productions and works. Nandini's works can be viewed at www.freewebs.com/nandinirao. Although the in Bangalore the art forms, thoughts and actions leading to creativity have limited media options and public tolerance, there is certainly a part of an artist to let his/her ability out in a more "different way". Hence the need to explore and explode ideas.

Creativity sometimes also has its own ways of showing in a person from the time he/she is born. Right from genetic materials to a very "creative friendly environment" of children and adults make sure that creativity has no limitations and boundaries. Though, like a thought process, if let loose there is high sense of losing the very objective of being creative. There are also living human examples where the genius mind always does "something different" and shocks the world, but that does not mean that being creative is being genius, but it certainly an extent to which the human mind and expand. There is much more to be explored and understood about the origin of creativity in humans.